Thai Yoga Massage
classes, trainings & certifications

Thai Bodywork – a holistic discipline where eastern practices meet western approaches. A blend of manual therapy and movement. Mind-body connection.

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Currently I am not teaching any certification courses. You can still join the seminars and workshops I am giving in Berlin.

If practicing movement with me or learning Traditional Thai Massage skills are not your goals, you can book an appointment for Therapuetic Sessions. 

Weekly Classes

In person & online classes with Thai Yoga & self-massage practices. As well as Thai Boxing Conditioning Training


Workshops and seminars with basic
Thai Bodywork concepts and practices

Therapeutic Thai Massage

Book a 90 or 60 minutes terapeutic session with traditional thai massage techniques & cupping/ herbal compress.

Hi, I am Irina.


I am a traditional bodywork therapist, certifying trainer in Traditional Thai Massage (Lanna Lineage), as well as Thai Yoga and self-care practices instructor & Thai Boxing trainer. My passions are alternative medicine, holistic and scientific approaches to the human experience, martial arts and philosophy. I find peace and fun in plant based culinary experiments and the uniqueness of feline company.

I strongly believe that self-health-care is a liberating tool. Everyone is entitled to know how to use it in order to achieve optimal health, without relying strictly on pharmaceutical treatments and health care systems that regularly fail to serve and meet our needs.

I am thrilled to share my understanding and skills in therapeutic arts and practices and to be able to guide you towards your certification in traditional Thai massage.