Short trainings



Basic Thai Massage Training – 4 Hours 

This 4 hours workshop is an introduction to Thai Massage traditional, easy and efficient techniques.

You can help your friends, dear ones or training buddies to recover from tiredness, stress and common tension build-ups in the body. You will learn how to:

✔️Apply pressure points on the body to release tensions and blockages.

✔️Where and when to apply and not to apply massage.

✔️Use your body optimally in the massage so that you won’t get tired or injured.

✔️Offer a short but very efficient treatment for neck, shoulders, back and legs.

✔️Release stress and relieve pain in your own body.

✔️Relax and recover altogether. 

Thai Massage for Combat Sport Athletes and Trainers – 3 Hours 

The techniques in this workshop are mostly referring to stretches and mobilisations. Participants practice in pairs and perform the techniques demonstrated by the instructor. 

The aim of this practice is to learn about the body and support it in order to : prevent and recover from injuries, release tension and tiredness from training, improve physical performance.Target major muscle chains and focus on main joints (hips, shoulder and spine) in a personalized way, according to one‘s own body constitution and physical structure.

******  The Trainings below are not taking place at the moment. Update will follow. *****

Basic Thai Massage Training – 6 Hours (1 day)

170 Euro

This training is an introduction to the practice of Thai Massage.  Going through this training enables the student to offer a full body massage for the purpose of relaxation, covering all segments of the body: head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs.

Each student receives a print out describing the techniques in pictures and textual cueing.

This training is open to all levels of experience, including to those with no prior experience.

Foot Thai Massage: Reflexology – 12 Hours (2 days) with Certification from TMC
250 Euros

This two day class covers reflexology for the benefit of relaxation and balancing the mind-body, using a special wooden tool for the foot sole. It also includes a short massage sequence for legs, shoulders and arms in a sitting position.

Each student receives an illustrated text book in English, the wooden tool and the certification for Thai Foot Reflexology TMC.

This class is open to all experience levels regardless of prior knowledge and experience in the field of therapeutic practices.

Table Thai Massage – 12 Hours (2 days) with Certification from TMC
280 Euros

This class is based on the sequence of traditional Thai Massage Level I, adjusting the positions from floor to a table setting.

Many of the floor stretching techniques covered in Thai Massage Level I are kept but some are excluded. Overall the initial protocol is unchanged.

This class is recommended to practitioners who have difficulties in working on the mat and prefer the table setting.

Each student receives an original text book and TMC certification.

This class is open to all experience levels regardless of prior knowledge and experience. Thai Massage Level 1 is not a requirement.

Chair Thai Massage – 6 Hours with Certification from TMC
180 Euros

This class covers how to perform a sequence of relaxing massage on a special massage chair as well as on a regular chair for: head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. It is a useful tool for both health practitioners as well as those who would like to offer loved ones a relaxing massage in a familiar setting on a regular chair.

Each student receives an English text book and TMC certification.

This class is open to all experience levels regardless of prior knowledge and experience.