Online Thai Yoga & Self-Massage


10:00 - 10:30


This is a Free or donation-based 30 minutes conscious movement class. We are practicing traditional Thai Yoga postures, breath work and self-massage. All levels are welcomed. After you register you will receive the login details for the Zoom session.

In our Thai Yoga Classes, either in person or online we are practicing a certain pattern of controlled breathing: as we breath in we engage the body Into a certain position, consciously experiencing the sensations in this position as we hold our breath for 3 seconds (this small break allows us to stop for a moment and obeserve how we experience this specific Postion of the body) and as we breath out, we reverse the movement allowing the body to disengage from contraction and activation and return to relaxation. You can expect: breathing exercise, physical sitting and standing position, breath and movement coordination, balancing postures, relaxing short self-massage sequence and a better mood at the end of the class. 


Bookings are closed for this event.